Thursday, September 14, 2017

My trip to Africa 2017

Headed to Kigali, Rwanda for 10 days of ministry with Rex on 
September 4, 2017

We arrived safely in Kigali on Tuesday evening and thank God for a safe trip. Dear friends met us. On Thursday we begin a very busy teaching schedule here in Rwanda.


I had the joy of speaking to a church in Eastern Rwanda today, a church which my dear friend, Simon Nziramakenga began in the early 90's. It is in a very remote area where there are few churches. The women were very happy to have the conference and we had a blessed time. Standing beside me is Jackie, who interpreted for me. 

In a three day conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Many women came forward for prayer as we talked about getting rid of the bitter roots in our hearts. Every woman in Rwanda has a story that would break your heart, but God is doing a wonderful work of reconciliation here. What a privilege to be with these strong women!

Here are three precious children, peering in the church window. Children are very friendly and curious about the us white Americans. 

We just completed a two-day conference with about 350 women in a church in Gigenyi, in western Rwanda. We saw God do a mighty work in the hearts of these dear women. Many testified that God had set them free from the "bitter roots" in their hearts, after my message. One woman told how her father left her as a baby and she never saw him until she was 21. And for many years she has been bitter toward him, but God has set her free. That is one of many stories. I have taught all day for six days, but God has given me strength and blessed our meetings. Thanks for your prayers.

I had the great privilege of speaking to the leadership of the Tabitha Ministry in Bomet, Kenya.  This is a Bible study ministry begun by my friend, Linda Spriegel, with one Bible study in 2005, and now there are 250 Bible study groups scattered for miles over this countryside, with over 2000 women coming each week.  The top 100 leaders of this ministry met on Saturday, the 16th, for a time of inspiration and fellowship.  What a joy!


We are seeing some incredible animals as we travel back to Nairobi. Looking forward to going home Thursday night. Thanking God for a safe and fruitful trip.