Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Looking at Marriage and Singleness with Forever Eyes

Whether single or married, your challenge is to look with Forever Eyes at your situation. Neither marriage nor singleness will give any advantage in heaven.  Yet, how we handle our single or married status here on earth will matter, because it will demonstrate our trust - or lack of trust - in God.

Choose Your Mate Well

Marriage is a God-ordained covenant, and should be highly honored and respected here on earth. God told us that it was good for us to have mates and companions, to meet our need for earthly intimacy and support. God takes the marriage vows very seriously and expects us to as well. Looking at marriage with Forever Eyes should cause us to be far more careful in choosing a life mate. You need to consider the consequences of that choice in ten years, twenty years, fifty years. You will want to make sure that the partner you choose is God's choice for your life.

Singleness Through Earthly Eyes

If it's your natural desire to be married and have a family, singleness can sometimes seem like a prison or a punishment. It can be very difficult to look at singleness with Forever Eyes.
When you look at your singleness with earthly eyes, it can lead you to desperateness, to anger with God, to despair, to wrong choices, to sinful lifestyles, and to settling for less than God's best. This, then, becomes self-inflicted suffering. When you choose to see your singleness as a burden, you have chosen a life of dissatisfaction, restlessness and misery.

Singleness Through Forever Eyes

Marriage takes a lot of effort to make it work but brings many wonderful benefits. Yet, the grass on that side of the fence is not always green.

In speaking to some single women recently, the question came up about the role of women in a godly relationship and what God expects. Does the "submission" issue begin in the dating relationship, or only after the marriage vows are taken?

I reminded the young women that relationships are never easy. A good relationship - especially with someone as close as a mate - requires lots of dying to self. It is a never-ending challenge to put the other person first, to adjust to that person, and that means there will be lots of give and take.

Marriage Through Forever Eyes

When you look at your marriage with God's Forever Eyes, you are taking very seriously those vows, "til death do you part." Through Forever Eyes, marriage vows are of great importance, and preserving the marriage if at all possible should be the earnest goal.

We won't have a married or single status in heaven. However, we will recognize each other in heaven, so you will know your marriage partner on the other side of eternity. Paul said, "Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known" (1 Corinthians 12:12b). It must be of great comfort to those whose mates have preceded them into eternity. We will know each other and enjoy renewed fellowship and companionship in eternity.

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