Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Looking at Success with Forever Eyes

Fighting the Performance Mentality

Are your driven by performance?  From birth on we discover that much of our success and our value is based on our performance.  We quickly learn that our performance determines whether we have or have not; whether we win or lose; whether we succeed or fail. Before babies can talk we're telling them they're good or bad based on their behavior.

Living in a performance-driven world leads us to lots of comparisons. If my performance is better than yours is, I feel I am better than you are. If I am better than lots of other people at something, I really feel good about myself and think I'm something special. If, on the other hand, you outperform me, I'm in trouble, because I base my worth on how I perform, compared to you or to someone else.
So, we judge success by performance and achievement, position and power, riches and possessions. God doesn't. Looking at success with Forever Eyes is a shocking revelation to our performance-driven minds.

Success in Eternity

How will success be judged in eternity?  One of the greatest truths in Scripture is that salvation is by grace alone through faith, not by works. We secure a place in God's eternal heaven through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Our entry into that place of bliss is determined by our relationship to the One who died to redeem us.

We will face a judgment in heaven called the Judgment Seat of Christ, and it is a judgment for believers, not believers and it will be on the other side of eternity.

We will stand individually before Christ for our works to be judged. What we have done that has no eternal significance or benefit will be burned up in fire. Read 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.  We will finally see our lives from an eternal perspective.

A Model of True Success 

In 2 Chronicles 32:30b, it talks about a man named Hazekiah. He had great success. Let's look at what he did:
  • He cleaned the land of everything that was defiling it.
  • He gave worship and praise a very high priority in his life and in his land.
  • He was totally obedient to God in every area.
  • He encouraged people, and motivated them to do their work with excellence.
  • He sought God in everything he did, not trying to do it on his own strength.
  • He worked very hard and did everything really well.
  • He didn't fold under attack from the enemy, but reaffirmed his faith in God
Forever eyes change our idea of success, and this sets us free from the driving ambitions of this world and the need to achieve some earthly plateau in order to prove our worth. For some of us, it is difficult to let go of those success dreams, but to do so is to find life abundant in the good work that the Lord Jesus has planned for us.


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