Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Get Over Wrong Attitudes

My online dictionary says it is "A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person's behavior." Another one says it is "An organized predisposition to respond in a favorable or unfavorable manner toward a specified class of objects."

We all have attitudes toward life, toward certain people and circumstances, toward work, and health and truth and these have been shaped by our personalities, our life experiences, our education, and by people who have influenced our attitudes, and that includes the words we speak, the looks on our faces, our body language, how we spend our time and money. Our attitudes have a profound effect on every area of our lives.

Yet I dare say that many Christians, and people in general, are like the way I was: totally oblivious to their attitudes, rarely, if ever, thinking about the condition or state of them. I'm convinced most of us see ourselves as having positive attitudes in general because we've just never taken a measure of our own attitudes.

In order to help us get over some wrong attitudes that are keeping us mired down, we need to take an evaluating look at our general attitude, our attitude towards our lot in life, our attitude toward our work, and our prejudicial attitudes. The truth is we can have good attitudes in some areas and not-so-good attitudes in others. However, with a little focus on our attitudes, and some intentional steps to make you a more positive, upbeat person, you should see some pretty dramatic improvements in your stress levels, energy levels, and productivity.

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