Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What is Your Telephone Image?

A Manager in a large company had hired me to train his department in better customer service skills. He was particularly concerned with improving his employees’ telephone skills. But when I called him, he answered his phone in a very abrupt tone giving only his last name.

After getting to know him, at lunch one day I ventured to suggest that it would be a good idea if he worked on improving his telephone greeting since we were strongly emphasizing the right way to answer the phone in the training sessions. He laughed and said, “Oh, Mary, I’ve answered the phone this way for years; I’m not going to change now.”

I’ve often wondered if the training I did for his employees really made any difference. If he was not willing to work on his own telephone skills, how could he expect those who worked for him to get serious about improving theirs?

What is your telephone image? Have you ever thought about it? You have one whether or not you realize it. Given the amount of time all of us spend on the telephone, you cannot overlook your telephone image if you really want to thrive on your job. A person who creates a consistently professional impression on the telephone is valuable to any organization and has a very marketable skill.

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