Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Balancing Our Energy Checkbooks Part II

In our previous blog post we looked at what gives us energy and now I’d like to look at the things which drain our energy.  First, there are the inescapable drains on our energy, such as getting up in the morning!  Children, mates, family, housework, jobs.  But many times we expend energy, even in these areas, unnecessarily.  Let's identify a few of the foolish things that often drain our strength:

1. Our strength is used up when we try to do more than we can do.
God has not called us to be all things to all people. 

Jesus was careful where He went to minister.  He didn't try to go to every city; He didn't heal every sick person; He didn't preach to everyone on the face of the earth.  Yet He could say at the end of a very short three year ministry that He had accomplished what His father had sent Him to do.

2. Our strength is used up when we have too much "stuff."
Did you know that the more you have, the more energy it takes out of you?  Cleaned your closet out lately?  Might be a good idea.  A home or apartment full of valued "treasures" is a real drainer of energy.  Now I'm not suggesting we can't have things that we enjoy, but the question is, do you enjoy them or are they just sapping your time and energy?

3. Our strength is used up when we have money problems.
When our finances are a constant problem, it unquestionably drains our strength.  Credit cards can be our downfall.  Maybe some of us need to get on a budget and stop this drain on our lives.

4. Our strength is used up when we fill our minds with junk.
What are you allowing into your mind?  If it's lots of junk, maybe not evil but just junk, then you need to put a screen on your mind.  That includes social media, television, music, reading material, conversations—any input into your mind.  The more you clean it up and get rid of the junk, the more emotional and spiritual energy you'll have for things that are important.

5. Our strength is used up when our lives are not disciplined.
Proverbs says that we die from lack of discipline, and I believe with all my heart that many of us are drained of energy because we refuse needed discipline in our lives.  When you get the discipline going the way the Lord wants you to, it's amazing how energized you start to feel.  The good feelings that come from accomplishment energize us for more accomplishments.

What I'd like to suggest is that you take a few minutes to list where your energy comes from and where it goes.  Make a balance sheet, if you will, showing the assets and liabilities.  Then take a look and see where you are out of balance.

You may well discover that you're out of balance.  And that could be because you don't put enough in, or you take too much out.  It could be you put the wrong things in and spend your energy in the wrong ways.

It may mean you have to disappoint some people, or make some changes in your life-style in order to use your energy more wisely.  We are called to be servants, but we can't serve very effectively if we're out of balance.

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