Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Think About What You Think About DVD Bible Study Sale!

You've heard the phrase that our computer age has generated: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Well, it's not only true of computers; it's also true of our minds. 

One important element in creating a right thought life is to carefully guard what you put into your mind.  If you put garbage into your mind, your thought life will reflect that input.

What do you read? Trashy novels, trivial magazines, secular newspapers? Do you spend more time reading God's Word and good Christian material than you do reading the world's literature, even if it's not necessarily evil? You will never change your thinking if you're reading trash, or failing to read the Bible consistently with top priority over all other reading.

What do you listen to? Are you soaking up the world's music? Much of the lyrics are absolutely evil.  Those lyrics get into your mind. What kind of conversations do you listen to? Do you subject yourself to off-color conversations, gossipy conversations, critical conversations? Your thinking won't change with that kind of input going into your mind.

If you will change the input into your mind, you'll be amazed how your thinking will change. Of course, an essential is the Word of God, poured into your mind regularly and systematically. Scripture memorization is a fantastic way to program your mind correctly. Good reading has helped me immensely. 

I simply can't over-emphasize the importance of guarding your mind closely. The world we live in is full of garbage, and we've become desensitized to it. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. 

For right thinking we are promised two wonderful things in Romans 8:6: "The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace."

Life and peace.You can't buy them, you can't earn them, you can't manufacture them. They come to you as a result of having a mind set on the Spirit of God, having a thought life that stays carefully within biblical boundaries.

This is such an important Christian principle, that I’ve written a book on it and now we’ve produced a DVD Bible Study entitled Think About What You Think About. I am convinced that in my own life, the pathway to freedom and joy is to learn to think about what I think about and bring my wrong thought patterns into the captivity of Jesus Christ.

This new DVD Bible study is available and you can use it individually or in a group setting. It includes seven lessons, and is designed to be easy to use, with my commentary on the DVD for each lesson and a participant’s guide for discussion. And it gives you much more help in how to be set free from the wrong thought patterns of your life. Believe me, whether you realize it or not, you may be suffering greatly because you’ve developed some truly wrong thought patterns and they are holding you in bondage.

I can testify to you, as one who is still learning this principle, that it makes wonderful differences in your life. I hope you’ll consider getting this very reasonably priced DVD Bible study, perhaps using it in a small group setting or on your own. I truly believe it will help you apply biblical principles that can be a true turning point in your life.  The Think About What You Think About DVD Bible Study is on sale this week at 20% off. 

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