Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be A Risk Taker!

Are you a risk taker? If you were to talk to any successful person in any field, no doubt they would tell you about some time in their life when they took a risk. They exposed themselves to failure and maybe even ridicule, but that’s what it took for them to be successful.

You know, as we live our lives for Jesus, there will be times when we need to take a risk, move out of our comfort zones, attempt something that looks difficult, yes, even run the possibility of failing.

I wonder how many of us are missing out on so much of what God wants us to do and the blessings that come when we obey, simply because we’re not willing to take a risk. Obviously we should always proceed with prayer and caution.  But my friends, if you’re afraid of any risk, you will simply never do all the good things that God has put you here to do. You’ll miss so much of God’s blessing in your life.

In his insightful booklet, Risk Is Right, John Piper says his aim is to explode the myth of safety and deliver us from the enchantment of security, because it’s a mirage. It doesn’t exist. None of us know what the next moment holds, not to mention tomorrow. God never takes any risks because he knows the end from the beginning, but we don’t and God doesn’t tell us. He intends for us to live by faith not by sight, and so our lives are risky. 

God is looking for believers who are so in love with him—soul, heart and mind—that the risk doesn't scare them—or if it scares them, they go ahead anyway! When God is opening a new door and I know he wants me to take the next step, I usually feel very overwhelmed, inadequate, and just plain scared.  Scared of the risk of failure, scared I won’t be able to do it, scared I’ll make a fool out of myself.  But I just tell God I’m scared, give my fear to him, and take the next step.

John Piper says, “Doing nothing needs forgiveness as much as doing the best you can and erring.”  It is right to take a risk for Jesus.

Regardless of what God is leading you to do, I can promise you it will be bigger than you are, and it will be risky.  It will require you to live by faith and not by sight.  It will test you and frighten you, but that’s where the blessing is, where the abundant life is.  Don’t miss it.  If God is for you, who can be against you?

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