Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Work Principles from King David - Principle #4

Principle #4:  Don’t let others intimidate you from pursuing what you know is right.

Whenever you attempt to do something, there will be someone on the sidelines trying to discourage you.  That was true for David, and from him we learn another important principle.

David was sent by his father to the battlefield where his brothers were fighting for King Saul.  They were aligned in the Valley of Elah, outside of Jerusalem, with the Philistines on one side and the Israelites on the other, and they were at a standoff.  That’s because the Philistines had a giant who had threatened and taunted them everyday for the past forty days, asking for some man to come and fight on behalf of his country.  But there was not one Israelite willing to fight Goliath–in fact they all ran when they saw him.

Along comes David, bringing food to his brothers. As David hears Goliath make his taunts, instead of being fearful, he was outraged. He asks: "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Samuel 17:26). David couldn't understand why Goliath's challenge had not been taken.

His brother, Eliab, got very angry with David and basically told him to go back where he came from, tending the sheep.  He belittled David and insulted him, but David didn't let Eliab intimidate him. He didn’t let Eliab get him into a fight.  He didn’t come there to fight Eliab.  But he knew it was wrong for this bully giant to insult the God of heaven and earth.  And so, he did not allow even his older brother to intimidate him.

You know the story of how he volunteered to fight Goliath and won.  Suppose he had hung his head when Eliab confronted him, and turned around and gone home.  The battle would have been lost, and God’s purpose would have been stymied.

Is someone standing on your sidelines and telling you to forget it?  Perhaps they honestly think they are giving you good advice, but if God has given you clear direction, don’t let anyone intimidate you.  Maybe He has put it on your heart to share your faith story with someone at work, and a friend has said, "Forget it!  That person is too hard to ever believe in Jesus."  But if you know that is what you are supposed to do, then pray for wisdom to know when and how, and don’t be intimidated.  When we are doing God’s will, we have His strength, His power, His courage to stand against anyone who would discourage us.

So, don’t let others intimidate you or discourage you from doing what you know is right.  Thankfully David didn’t and he was able to kill Goliath.

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