Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Thrive -- Not Just Survive -- On Your Job

Here are some important principles to make you more than a survivor, regardless of how difficult your current work situation may be:

1.     Keep the right attitude
Your attitude is always your choice!  No matter what’s going on around you, you can keep a positive outlook if you choose to.  No one can force you to be negative!

Where would you rate your attitude for the past six months?

r  Mostly positive            
r  Half positive, half negative
r  Mostly negative

It helps to do an “attitude checkup” every week or so.

2.     Learn to "re-frame."
Re-framing is simply looking at difficult people or situations through a different lens!  Find some positive way to re-frame whatever is getting to you right now.  I had to learn to re-frame a boss many years ago, and discovered that I had focused so much on his negatives that I totally overlook his positive characteristics.  You’ll find something positive if you look long enough.

3.     Watch your self-talk!
What are your typical first words and/or thoughts each day?

r  Positive and affirming
r  Negative and complaining
r  “Prophesies of doom”

The words I say to myself about myself are usually:

r  Encouraging and uplifting
r  Critical and unkind
r  Harsh and unforgiving

Don’t bring yourself down with your own negative thoughts and words.

4.     Don't be intimidated by negative people!
Here are some ways to respond to negative people:
  • Tune out their negative talk.
  • Don't spend any more time with a really negative person than you have to.
  • Change the subject.
  • Ask for a solution.
  • Respond with positives.

5.     Remember what goes with your territory!
Every job has disagreeable aspects which are part of doing your job, such as complaining customers, computers that break down, software programs with glitches, etc.  Remember that you are paid to deal with these things, so think of them as job security!

6.     Count your blessings.
If you will make yourself stop in the middle of a bad day and start verbalizing all that you have to be thankful for, it will bring a dramatic change in your perspective.

7.     Remember that your day is won or lost in the morning hours!
Start your day on a positive note and it will make a difference all day long!

What could you do to have a better start to your day?

r  Get up earlier.
r  Have a more consistent morning time with the Lord.
r  Discipline myself to begin each day with a positive attitude.
r  Stop procrastinating – do the “stuff I don’t want to do” first and get it out of the way.
r  Leave home earlier to avoid the hectic commute.


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