Monday, August 5, 2013

Growing Old Is Not For Sissies

They say that growing old is not for sissies. Well, that may be true, but for sure growing old is better than not growing old!

As the years keep ticking away for me, I continually remind myself that age is just a number. I can choose to let that number define me, or I can choose to be thankful that the number continues to increase and God continues to make me a part of what he is doing.

In Scripture old age was admired and respected, but that’s not true in our Western culture. "Old age" seems to be redefined downward with each passing year, and too often people are dismissed because they no longer are considered relevant after they pass some magical number which takes you from young and vibrant to old and out-of-it.

In too many environments—the workplace, our churches and even our families—older people are often viewed as no longer valuable. It’s very common to hear people in their 50’s and certainly 60’s talk about how difficult it is to find a job because they are "too old." Their experience and expertise gained through years of working are passed over for the younger person. Even some churches, in seeking to create an environment that appeals to the youth, prevent anyone past the age of 40 from having an active or at least a visible part of the church program.

We lose so much when we isolate and divide ourselves by age. I encourage you to read this blog which illustrates this point. And if you’re on the young side, seek the sage and wisdom of those older than you. If you’re in your later years, be open to the ideas and energy of the younger generation. We have so much to gain from each other.


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