Monday, July 29, 2013

My First Visit to Nigeria

My first visit to Nigeria began in Abuja, where I was met by Dee Grimes, a missionary with SIM from my home church.  She teaches at ECWA Theological Seminary in Kagora, which is a three hour ride from Abuja.  She has a lovely African home and is part of a beautiful community of faculty and students on the campus.

On Monday we were invited to the home of one of her students for a typical Nigerian meal.  We were warmly welcomed by his mother and many relatives and neighbors.  As is typical in Africa, when someone entertains guests, it is an invitation to all others nearby to come and greet the visitors. 

They were so excited to have us come and visit their home.  It means more to them than we westerners can fully appreciate.  We ate some delicious native bean dishes, with rice, and enjoyed their warm reception.  On the way back we stopped to be introduced to other relatives and the pastor of their church. 

It always humbles me to see how hospitable they are and how they love to share with others.  No doubt they will talk about those “two white ladies” who came to their house for days to come.  Life is simple here, but not easy.  They “smell the roses” of life better than we do in America.  They know how to enjoy the simple things and not focus on what’s missing.