Monday, October 22, 2012

Teachable Moments

I guess if I had one regret in my life it would be that I never pursued a career in teaching.  I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher but didn’t follow through with my dream.  Well, God is good and He had a better plan for my life and He blessed me with two beautiful granddaughters and another granddaughter to be born in January. 

I never let an opportunity go by without teaching them something.  So, I thought I would share a ‘teachable’ moment with you and in hopes of you doing the same activity with someone in your life.  What better way to teach your grandchild about the light and love of Jesus during the month of October than by using a pumpkin.  I got this idea from Mary Whelchel, the founder of The Christian Working Woman. 
As we began to get the pumpkin ready, I told Gabby (who is 7 years old) that God picks us up, washes all the dirt off of us, opens us up and cleans us from the inside out just like we were cleaning up the pumpkin. He removes our yucky stuff like when we are angry at someone or jealous of what someone else has, pouting about what we don’t have, holding a grudge, lying to someone or taking something that doesn’t belong to us; maybe it’s talking bad about someone…things like that.  She said, “yeah, like when we talk back to our parents or have a bad attitude”.  “Ahhh, yes” I said “now you’re getting it… just like with the pumpkin, we have to get rid of all the bad things that fill us up.” 

After we cleaned out the pumpkin, we carved a happy face. I told Gabby, “Just like when we bring all our problems to Jesus, he can help us to be joyful for who we are and all the blessings in our life.”
Then we were ready to put the light in the pumpkin – I explained to Gabby, “This is what happens when we ask Jesus to come into our heart.  He puts a light in us so we can let our light shine for everyone to see.” 

She said, “Thanks Grandma.  I can’t wait to tell my friends about the light of Jesus”.
Do you allow God’s light to shine through you regardless of situations in your life?

Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world a city on a hill cannot be hidden.
To download a copy of the pumpkin booklet please click here.