Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't Let Your Name Be Ichabod

How would you like to be named Ichabod? Ichabod means "The glory is departed." In 1 Samuel 5 we read that Phinehas' wife named their son Ichabod, because the glory of God had departed from Israel. Through sin and disobedience, they had lost the glory of their position as God’s chosen people.

In our vernacular today, we might say, “That person is a has-been.” It’s possible to be spiritual "has-beens.” I can think of many Christians I know who used to be mightily used of God. It could be said of them that they "have been" this or that for God, but now the glory has departed. Through sin and disobedience, Ichabod is now their name.

Could it ever be said of us that we have been in the past a person of love and compassion, but it's no longer true? Have we lost the zeal we once had for Jesus? Have we been in the past a strong witness for Jesus Christ, but now we’re just a “has-been”, an Ichabod?

No, for sure none of us would want to be called Ichabod -the glory has departed. Is God's glory still evident in your life to all who know you? If not, you can be restored to that original glory. Don't let your name be Ichabod.

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