Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staying Positive

How can we stay positive in a negative world?

You know, we all have a limited amount of emotional energy to spend in any given day.  To have a good attitude, we have to do those things that keep our energy re-supplied—like enough sleep, exercise, lots of laughter and most importantly, time with the Lord each day.

Then we have to be careful how we spend that emotional energy.  Often we waste a lot of our energy unnecessarily.  We yell at traffic or go ballistic over a computer failure or get our feelings hurt by an insensitive person. We can spend all our emotional energy on things over which we have no control, and then we lose control over our attitude.  It goes south because we don’t have any energy left to fight back.

Here’s a question I often ask myself, "Mary, what difference is this going to make in 24 hours?"  I have discovered that most of what bothers me won’t matter in a short 24-hours, so then I tell myself, “Don’t spend any energy on it; it’s not important.” 

Watch how you spending your emotional energy, and keep asking, "Is it worth it?"

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