Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Difficult People

All of us need to know how to deal with difficult people.  Jesus certainly did.

When his home-town crowd was so angry, they wanted to kill him, Jesus knew it was time to leave, so in Luke 4 we read "he walked right through the crowd and went on his way." Sometimes we need to walk away instead of trying to have the last word or convince someone that he or she is wrong. 

There were other situations where Jesus dealt with difficult people very directly, but I notice that Jesus was  never out of control.  And he was always motivated by what was good for others, not for his own selfish reasons.

When direct confrontation is necessary, we should be ever-so-careful to do it under the Holy Spirit's control.  It can be forceful and direct, but it should never be cruel or vindictive or personal. 

As believers in the workplace, dealing with difficult types gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus - real love that puts the other person's needs above our own.

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  1. Needed to hear this today, a lot. Thanks for sharing!! New to working in the work place--what a rocky adventurous road and learning path it is.