Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No room in church?

Our fourth seminar was held in a town called Silibwet, which is near Bomet, so an easy commute.  This was our largest group yet—close to 600.  By the time everyone arrived, there was not one space left in the church, and at least 50 women were sitting on the lawn trying to listen.  Many walked two and three hours to get there.  But they never complain.  They are so happy to have an opportunity to get together with their sisters in Christ, and the fellowship they share is really wonderful to observe.

In this group almost all of them had earned their Bibles, and they quote their verses heartily.  Not only do they memorize 16 verses to earn a Bible, they are encouraged to memorize one verse every two weeks of Bible study.  They are currently studying Joshua, and each day one of the groups has presented a drama from the stories in Joshua – mostly Joshua 9.  They LOVE to present dramas, and they can be very creative.

As I listened to them quoting so many verses today in unison, my heart was so touched.  I thought how difficult it seems to be to inspire Bible memorization in the States—and how lazy I can be about it as well.  Yet these women really love to do so.

There are so many stories that I could tell you about some of the women who have been in Tabitha since it’s beginning in 2006—how it has changed their lives.  Many of these women have husbands who are not believers, many alcoholics, and their lives are hard.  But they devote themselves to the Bible studies and it has given them courage and strength.

You will see them standing in line to get lunch—rice and beans.  They each were asked to bring their own dish and spoon, and then they sat on the lawns and enjoyed eating together.  The mid-day meal is usually their largest meal.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  We are praising God that already a generous gift has been given to buy some Bibles, but more is needed, so if God touches your heart with this opportunity, you can direct your gift through The Christian Working Woman.

God is good—all the time!

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