Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When did you receive your first Bible?

Today, Tuesday, was another beautiful sunny day here, warm with no humidity, and we held our seminar in a little town called Goitabsilibwet, very near Bomet.  The church was less than a mile from the main road, so it made for an easy day.  Commuting to the churches is not always simple!

This seminar included seven or eight of the individual Bible studies of Tabitha, so the number attending was smaller, about 200.  It filled the “open-air” church and we had a blessed day.  Based on yesterday’s experience, I altered my messages a bit, with suggestions from Linda, and I believe I communicated more clearly today.  The women were open and attentive, as always, and at the end of my second message I asked for a commitment from them to spend daily time “feeding themselves” from God’s Word.  This was after demonstrating how to do that.  Most of the women made that commitment and we had a prayer of dedication.

Most of these women have earned their Bibles by memorizing the verses, and I asked how many of them had a Bible before the one they earned through Tabitha.  The great majority of them indicated that this was their first Bible.  Can you imagine getting your first Bible as an adult, and having to learn how to read it, how to apply it to your life?  I showed them ways to learn their Bible and to teach their children and young people.  I taught how keeping a journal can enrich their Bible reading.  Please pray that the ones who made the commitment to spend daily time in the Word will keep that promise, beginning tomorrow.

I look forward to another day tomorrow, with a much, much longer commute over almost impassable roads!  But at the end there will be several hundred women there, walking long distances for the seminar.  So how can I complain about a very bumpy, long ride?

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