Monday, July 2, 2012

Tabitha Bible Study Conference Starts Today

I am scheduled to start teaching today, Monday through Friday, at five different churches in the area for the women in the Tabitha Bible studies in and around Bomet, Kenya.  The leadership team has made all the plans for these five days, and we were told to prepare for maybe as many as 2000 women in these five days.  Since I arrived that estimate has been increased substantially.  They are expecting 1000 more today and maybe 3500 all week.

Well, we’ll see what the week brings.  One thing about African women—they know how to “go with the flow” much better than we Americans do.  So, they will be undaunted by any surprises that we may face.  I do pray, however, that somehow they will be able to locate a PA system for us to use.  Most of these churches don’t have one and it has to be brought in.  The quality is poor, but at least they can hear.

I feel very unequal to the task of speaking to these women, with the cultural and communication barriers that are between us.  But the truth is, I am unequal to the task without these barriers, so I am relying on God’s Spirit—and the prayers of so many of you at home—to give me wisdom even as I speak, to know how to get the truth of God’s Word through with clarity.

I plan to send messages back each evening, with pictures so you can share this experience with me.  So, check us out each day and please do keep me in your prayers.  And pray for Peris, my interpreter, as in many ways her job is harder than mine!

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