Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Looking for two good teachers

Last Friday, was the final day of seminars for the women in the Tabitha Bible studies, and it was in the poorest part of the surrounding countryside.  You can tell by the pictures that the church was a primitive-type structure, and it was small.  And these women truly have little to nothing that they can call their own.

Before we arrived at the church, we were obligated—by African culture—to visit the public school next door.  Many of the children had never seen a white person, so we were an “event.”  They welcomed us into their truly insufficient school house, gave us chai and bread, and then presented Linda with a written request for funds to help them hire two more badly-needed teachers.  Linda said this was all pre-arranged, as the word had spread that we would be at the church next door.  Linda and her husband are constantly asked for help from many, many people—as are the other doctors/workers here at Tenwek Hospital.

Once we were able to pry ourselves away from the school children, we went next door, where the women were already filling the church and singing.  They brought in benches from the school, put them in the aisle and filled every inch of the church, so that I hardly had room to stand to speak. For the afternoon session we moved everyone outside, where they sat in the sun while I spoke.  We estimate about 350 women were there, and not one of them showed any sign of impatience or irritation at the crowded conditions, including crying babies.

But in the midst of what might appear to be moments of chaos, they listened intently to the message and responded with enthusiasm.
There is so much more I could tell you, but it will have to wait!  I go now to a seminar here on the campus of Tenwek, where I will be speaking three times.  I had hoped without a translator, but I learned last night that they want to use a translator so some women who don’t speak English can attend.  Flexibility is an absolute must here.

Thanks for your prayers.

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