Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Importance of Digging Deep in God's Word

We completed the first day of our conference here in Nairobi, held at International Leadership University (formerly Nairobi International School of Theology). Our theme for this three day event is Digging Deep, Growing Strong, Reaching Wide. We had about 100 women in attendance, and while the number was small, the interest and participation was very strong. I've been teaching this conference for several years, and some of the women who have attended all of them thought that this morning's sessions were the most powerful and helpful of all. Praise to the Lord. I taught on the importance of digging deep in God's Word for ourselves, giving examples of how to read the Word for all it's worth, and then focused on the prayers of Paul. I believe God used it to help the women see new areas of growth in their own lives. Most of these women are leaders in their churches, and they will take these teachings back and multiply them many times.

I look forward to the next two days with these loving women who are so open to hear and learn and grow. They challenge me.

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