Monday, July 16, 2012

Do you know how to pray with an Eternal Perspective?

The group picture from Nairobi

Our three day conference here in Nairobi ended Saturday afternoon, and once again there was evidence that the teaching is reaching their hearts and minds and making a difference.  Most of the women who attend this conference are mature Christians and many have been with us for several years.  So, it’s good to reconnect with them. One young woman said that this was her third year to attend, and the conferences have completely changed her life by showing her who she is in Christ.  That's very encouraging to hear.

This year I emphasized the need for our own spiritual growth, and shared some teaching on the prayers of Paul, and how that should influence the way we pray.  This was a totally new teaching to them, and they really grasped the importance of praying with an eternal perspective.  These women know how to pray, but much of their praying is focused on everyday needs—of which there are many.  Paul’s prayers teach us to focus more on what will matter for eternity, and they caught that.

Elsy, my dear friend and the chair of the Nairobi committee.
Tomorrow I travel to Kigali, Rwanda for five days of teaching there, and then home on the 24th.  Your prayers for my time in Kigali are much needed; a very different audience there with tons of “baggage” from the genocide.  I pray I will bring them some hope and encouragement.

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