Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dance Like No One's Watching

The women gathered from several churches to attend today's conference.
Today is the first day of ministry in Rwanda, and we traveled about 50 miles out of Kigali, the capital, to a small town where a sister church is located.  The women gathered there from several churches in the area for this day of conference, and I challenged them to “grow up” in Christ by faithfully reading their Bibles. We talked about how to pray scripture and make it alive in our lives. For many it’s a new idea—to read your Bible and pray daily—even for some of the pastors who were there.  They were enthusiastic in their response.  I pray it will bear much fruit.

Dancing with Praise
Rwandan women worship somewhat differently from Kenyan women.  For one thing, they LOVE to dance and they dance with great energy.  Their songs are quite different, but their enthusiasm is similar.

My host and hostess for this week are Simon and Kedress Nzaramakinga, long-time friends who I met in Kenya where they lived for many years as refugees from Rwanda.  After the genocide Simon returned to start several churches and begin the difficult job of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Rwanda is an amazing country.  Their President is a man of integrity and his leadership is helping them to grow very fast.  Their infrastructure is amazingly up-to-date.

Bible Drills
In the picture to the left, I taught the women what a Bible drill is and encouraged them to teach their children, so they can learn how to use their Bibles.  Their were four women who volunteered for the Bible drill.  (I'm the very white one.  I smiled at a toddler little girl and she cried and ran away!)  Tomorrow we begin a three-day conference here at the Good Shepherd Church in Kigali, and then I speak to the congregation on Sunday.  Your prayers are again needed and appreciated.

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