Friday, September 2, 2011

It’s All Tied Up

Remember when Jesus asked two disciples to get him a donkey for a ride into Jerusalem? This donkey was tied up, and Jesus instructed them to untie it and bring it to him. It had to take a little bit of nerve to walk up to this colt and start untying it. It wasn’t their colt.

When they started to untie it, the owners asked them what they were doing. I can imagine that they were a little perturbed to see two strangers taking their prized colt. But when the disciples explained that Jesus needed this colt, they were more than willing to let him use it.

They must have known Jesus in some way. Maybe they had heard Jesus speak; maybe they'd seen him heal someone or cast out a demon. I don't believe they would have let that donkey go if they hadn't met and known Jesus. But once they knew the colt was for him, they were okay with it. As was true for them, when we've met Jesus, it is also a great joy for us to give something back to the Him. But often we miss God's blessings because what he wants to use, we have all tied up for ourselves.

As I read this, I thought, "What do I have tied up that the Lord wants to use?" I think many times we've got resources and abilities that God would use in his service, but they're all tied up. It may be time, or money, or a home, or other things.

When we hoard those things for our own use, we miss out on one of the greatest joys in life—that is to see how God would use us and what we have if we were willing to let him have access to it. If we would simply untie our treasure, we would be humbled and grateful for the experience of being used in some specific way to accomplish God’s purpose. That kind of fulfillment cannot be matched.

What we offer doesn't have to be fancy or splendid. All that God asks for is availability.

What have you got tied up that Jesus wants to use?

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