Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Attitude Check-UP

On June 15, 2011, I launched a challenge to all of us to take on a more positive focus in our lives. How are you doing with that? What about me? I said I would report later about how I’m doing, so here I am, 2 months later.

Well, this has certainly been a period of negative news features; there has been tough weather across the nation all summer; it’s been a time of financial pressure and stress in the economy; it’s the season for vacationing fellow workers and juggling workloads. All that can make for a very negative environment at work. But I’ve found the discipline of forming a positive attitude about work to be bringing about change. I’ve noticed that a more positive focus leads to a more cheerful attitude, even if I’m not perfect at it yet. All the negatives are still in place, but with this challenge for the positive, I see the downers less. It’s like they’re off in my peripheral vision, not front center.

I want to keep working on this. A negative spirit is always lurking in the wings, waiting to step back on center stage, so I need to stay disciplined. Let me know if you have any victories to report in this standoff. We might be able to help each other.

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