Friday, July 15, 2011

What Is Happening In Uganda Today?

Mary is in Uganda, ending the conference today that I told you about yesterday. Her travel associate is Traci Mason. Her presentation yesterday, Overcoming Obstacles and Moving Forward, challenged the women to identify their obstacles and not allow them to keep them from doing what God wants them to do. After the message, a young woman stood to give a testimony:

Yesterday I received a request to do a job for someone, but I felt that it was just too much for me. But my husband encouraged me to do it. Then, this morning, when I thought about it again, I was afraid I really couldn't do it. So I decided I would call them today and tell them I couldn't. But after hearing Traci this morning, I knew God was speaking to me. I realized I needed to overcome this obstacle of fear, and now I'm not going to make that call. I'm going to do what they asked me to do, with God's help.

What a joy to receive that kind of immediate response to a message! I know God is at work through Mary and Traci, so let's praise Him together for what He is doing.


  1. It is wonderful to have a daily report of Mary & Traci's time in Africa. They are in my prayers!

  2. We are grateful for your prayer support. Thank you.