Monday, July 25, 2011

Power Outage Means Trouble Ahead

The concert of prayer shown in the photo was the way Mary closed the conference in Nairobi. It was timely to devote the session to prayer, in view of the hardships these women are facing. Although our recent blogs have presented reasons for praise as Mary ministers in Africa, today we got news that sobered us. Mary sent us a message that in Kenya, notice has just gone out that there will be planned power outages beginning Wednesday, due to low water levels.

That is more than just an inconvenience. The lack of rain from a prolonged drought has been causing food shortages, leading to severe malnutrition in certain sectors, and even death. And food prices are climbing fast, with a 60-80% increase in the last 2 years. The low water levels, in turn, impact hydroelectric productivity. The lack of electrical power leads to all sorts of business struggles, and households face yet another challenge. All of these factors lead to critical health issues, and the downward spiral continues. The dominoes are falling one by one, as failure in one domain brings about crisis in another.

That one short paragraph over-simplifies the situation, of course. But it does make us think about the troubled lives of the people Mary ministers to there. It also reminds us that she needs protection, discernment and strength as she continues her journey, now made more complicated by the lack of electrical power. The power outages impact the airport as well, so please pray that Mary's flight on August 2 will be able to depart as scheduled.

As I said at the beginning, Mary ended her Nairobi conference with a concert of prayer. That helped the women tap into the one true source of power to meet life's challenges. The electrical power outages may bring trouble, but they can also be a reminder to turn to God himself for power in daily living. Let us join them and pray for God's help for the nation, as well as for Mary's outreach there.

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