Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nairobi News

The conference Women of Excellence that Mary is leading in Nairobi is an effective leadership training seminar for women in ministry. Yesterday Mary taught "When You've Been Wronged" about how to deal biblically with the pain of the past. Some of these women have suffered great injustice and abuse and have dealt with issues that do not have obvious solutions, so this was a significant message.

Mary ended the session with a challenge for those who wanted to show one step in the process as they faced these matters personally. As at a funeral, (see above photo) they could come forward to bring a flower to place on a symbolic "coffin" to express their commitment to "bury the wrongs done to them in the past." Mary writes: It seemed to be very meaningful to them, and we praise God for some breakthroughs that many women had.

These days have been fruitful, and Mary has been able to see some of what God has accomplished. Your prayers have contributed to that. She has also been pleased to make contacts throughout the city that will be helpful for future ministry there, for example finding a trustworthy driver, connecting to a Bible-centered church, and working with a well-equipped printer. These are just a few of the details that are important to her safety and effectiveness, so we are grateful for God's provision. Join us in praying for these and the other elements essential to support her as she and Traci continue their journey throughout Kenya. But especially, please pray for the spiritual impact of their efforts. Maybe you could even ask a friend to join you in praying and in following along on the journey spiritually. 

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