Friday, December 24, 2010

What If This Is An Un-Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas! I'm bringing you my prayers that your Christmas celebrations will truly be joyous, filled with good times and good memories.

But I'm certain that some people haven't been looking forward to this season and will be glad when it's over. Life’s circumstances can bring us great sorrow. Maybe we can't be with the ones we want to be with. Perhaps miles separate us; or worse, broken relationships have ruined the celebration this year. For whatever reason, this may be an un-merry Christmas for you.

If ”Merry Christmas” is not appropriate for you this year, I simply want to remind you that the One whose birthday we celebrate today has promised never to leave you, never to forsake you. He did not promise that life would always be merry, but He made an ironclad promise that His presence would be with us, when our hearts are merry or when they're heavy.

So, I encourage you to rejoice in His presence with you today. It is no small thing that you can have the guest of honor on this Christmas day right there with you, giving you peace and comfort, even if there is no merriment.

I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas—yes. But if that seems unlikely, then I pray you'll know that Jesus knows how you feel, He understands, He cares, and He's able to bring you peace, with or without the "merry."

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