Monday, November 22, 2010

Danger Alert!

Earlier this month I talked about dangers to be aware of in our lives. Lately a new danger that many are toying with has caught my attention: uncommitted church attendance and lack of involvement. It goes like this:
I’m on a fast track in my company and doing very well. Sometimes I have to work on weekends, sometimes I’m exhausted after a stressful week. So, I haven’t gotten involved at church; I just attend services when I can. I don’t see a problem with that. Do you?

Yes, I do. My concern is that people aren’t coming together to be encouraged or to be taught or to worship God or to offer their gifts for the good of the Body, like the Bible tells us to do. They are shutting themselves off from a God-designed nurturing system. Not doing what the Bible says is simply disobedience and carries consequences.

What are these people going to tell Jesus when they have to give an account for the use of their time and abilities? “Sorry I didn’t get involved in kingdom work, Jesus, because I had to get ahead in my job and make as much money as I could.”

We need some serious re-evaluation of our priorities. Without a change in attitude, people choosing this option are heading into a self-focused life that may deposit money in a bank account, but will never deposit anything in an eternal account in heaven. That would be a great failure! That is a danger that sets off an alarm system in my spirit. What can we do about it?

Any ideas?


  1. Just yesterday, I finished leading my 2nd Crown Biblical Financial Study ( If anything can shake someone out of this lethargy, it is this study. Reading the words of God about what he thinks on things is the only way to counter this. But getting someone into a study like this may prove difficult. Only the Holy Spirit can convict.

  2. You're right. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts, but It's good to hear you have found a useful tool to help others along the way.