Sunday, November 28, 2010

I’m Talkin’ About Change

They tell us it takes 21 days to break an old habit, and 65 days to establish a new one! Wow, change comes hard and slow for us, doesn't it?

Have you ever said, "I've really tried to change but it just never works!"?

You know, in order to change, we first have to realize we can't do it. Sounds like a contradiction, but Paul wrote to the Corinthians that it's only when we see how weak we are that we can be strong. So often I become discouraged with my inability to change myself. But when I finally give up, I can hear Jesus say, "I've been waiting for you to realize you'll never make it on your own."

Maybe you need to begin the change process by admitting that you can't. But don't stop there; ask the Lord to change you through his strength. And then be willing to put the discipline in place that change requires.

As soon as we start to change anything, we go into a transition period which is anything but comfortable. But if we refuse or postpone change because we don't want to go through that uncomfortable stage, then we stagnate where we are. In order to improve, it is necessary to change.

Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Through Christ we can change, if we're prepared to live through the transition period and not allow those uncomfortable feelings to keep us from changing. Are you ready to go for it? Then, as Nike says, "Just do it!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Danger Alert!

Earlier this month I talked about dangers to be aware of in our lives. Lately a new danger that many are toying with has caught my attention: uncommitted church attendance and lack of involvement. It goes like this:
I’m on a fast track in my company and doing very well. Sometimes I have to work on weekends, sometimes I’m exhausted after a stressful week. So, I haven’t gotten involved at church; I just attend services when I can. I don’t see a problem with that. Do you?

Yes, I do. My concern is that people aren’t coming together to be encouraged or to be taught or to worship God or to offer their gifts for the good of the Body, like the Bible tells us to do. They are shutting themselves off from a God-designed nurturing system. Not doing what the Bible says is simply disobedience and carries consequences.

What are these people going to tell Jesus when they have to give an account for the use of their time and abilities? “Sorry I didn’t get involved in kingdom work, Jesus, because I had to get ahead in my job and make as much money as I could.”

We need some serious re-evaluation of our priorities. Without a change in attitude, people choosing this option are heading into a self-focused life that may deposit money in a bank account, but will never deposit anything in an eternal account in heaven. That would be a great failure! That is a danger that sets off an alarm system in my spirit. What can we do about it?

Any ideas?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Travels With Mary

I am in Israel leading the CWW trip that began November 8. Noseworthy Travel Services coordinates this tour each year, and the Israeli tour guide and bus driver we are traveling with have been with me many times. I teach along the way to bring the Bible content together with our site exploration, so history comes to life for the women in the group. I love being here and doing this.

With one more day in Jerusalem, as we come to the end of this my 12th tour to The Holy Land, I am once again amazed at how God uses this trip to touch the hearts of the women who come with me. One woman said to me yesterday, "This trip has again confirmed to me that God has his hand on my life." Another said that the Bible has come alive to her as never before.

Maybe you can join me next November! Brochures will be out soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

50 Never Looked So Good

There is a mug here at TCWW that states 50 Never Looked So Good. I love drinking out of this mug because it puts a smile on my face. It reminds me that I look great for fifty. I am roughly two decades away from turning fifty but the mug is a little daily dose of encouragement to make myself feel good. We all do different things to make ourselves smile or to help us get through the workday. On my last job I had Ephesians 2:10 on my desk to help me get through the day. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. I loved the constant reminder that God had good works for me to do that day and I needed to find them and do them.

Winter is getting closer and as the weather becomes more frigid it becomes harder to get out of bed and go to work. So it is important that as the weather cools down we find ways to still let our light shine at work and constantly exude a good disposition. What things do you do to help yourself get through the workday?