Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Dissatisfaction–Does It Have To Be This Way?

I’ve heard people express a high degree of job dissatisfaction lately. You may be in a job that bores you to tears. Or there may be a lot of negativism there. You may have a terrible boss. You may be one of those who are ready to move on but cannot risk quitting right now. Since finding a new job is slippery in this economy, how can you inject satisfaction into the job you have right now?

Have you asked anyone for more responsibility? Have you volunteered to do other things? If all you have done is complain about it, then you are part of the problem. Have you noted the positives so you can focus and build on them? Your management may be waiting to see how much initiative you have. Can you perform a procedure more efficiently or make a task more productive or be creative in cheering up your corner of the workplace?

Perhaps you didn’t investigate the job adequately before you accepted it—a mistake to avoid in the future. Meanwhile, I would stay put for now and try to make yourself valuable to the organization. How can you exhibit a joyful attitude? In what ways can you learn the valuable lesson of being content in any situation? What have you learned that may help someone else?

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