Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Coming?

In this impersonal digital world it seems like we have to struggle to maintain personal interaction. For sure, we have more means of communication than ever before, but sometimes we are overwhelmed with the amount of information coming our way. How can we avoid getting lost in the shuffle? How do we prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications?

Let me encourage you to attend Keeping Your Heart and Soul at Work. This one-day seminar will answer those questions and these:
• How can we develop a winning and empathetic way of communicating in this new environment?
• What do you need to understand about generational and cultural differences in communicating?
• How can you create community through these new media? How are relationships affected by technology?
• What are the most common email pitfalls to avoid?
• What are effective ways to communicate the love of Christ to our co-workers in this environment?

I hope you will join me for the day. It will be time well-spent, so just click here for more information. This seminar will provide a more intimate sized group than our bigger conferences, so I really look forward to spending time with you on Saturday, October 9, 2010. It's time to register now!

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