Monday, August 16, 2010


Part of my job is to edit Mary’s transcripts before they get sent out. One Thursday afternoon I was editing her transcript on Miracles, and little did I know that God was going to provide a miracle for me, so I want to share it with you.

My husband’s birthday is just around the corner, and I always come up with big grandiose plans that I want to do that are usually outside of our budget. So time has been ticking away and my mind has been running through ideas of what we can do to celebrate where he will still feel special without ruining our budget. I have been praying and asking God to give me wisdom on what to do. So when I was just about to give up, my father called to tell me that he knew someone who couldn’t make the Chicago Cubs Baseball game and that they wanted to know if we wanted the tickets. My husband is a huge Cubs fan and a couple months ago I looked at the tickets and they didn’t have any seats available. So I called this person up immediately and told them we would take them and asked what we owed them. They said, “You can have them for free!”

Then about an hour later my sister called to tell me that our Great Aunt gave her some money to give to me because she felt bad she had never given me a graduation gift. It’s been many years since my graduation, so this was an unexpected gift. I didn’t want to take the money, but you can’t fight with a stubborn old woman. So this was another blessing added to the day because I could then take my husband to the steak house I wanted to take him to for his birthday.

Later that evening I sat in my yard going over the events of the day with my husband, realizing as I shared that this was God’s miracle for me. He had provided me with the grandiose plans that I originally wanted to do that I didn’t think were possible. While it may not be a huge miracle in our eyes, it is amazing to see all the little miracles God does for us that we often overlook. He is there to provide for our needs and wants. Are there miracles in your life that you have over-looked and have forgotten to thank God for?


  1. I am trying to remember to thank God for every little thing. When I think my memory has kicked in and remembered where I put something, I realize that it was God telling my brain where to look. So "Thank you, Lord." This has happened several times today.

    Its amazing how many things you can thank God for if you only open your mind to them. Big miracles are fantastic, like the one you wrote about, but little ones happen so much more frequently. I like to be able to thank the Lord for stuff beyond eating, breathing, etc. To see him in my everyday life, in the little stuff, it is amazing and wonderful!

  2. Hi Jean, You are 100% right. It is important to thank God for the little blessings. It is so amazing what He does for us on a daily basis that we overlook. I once heard someone talk about keeping a journal on all the things they are thankful for each day. They make sure each day has something new they are thankful for that they haven't ever written about. That would definitely keep us on our toes with being aware of what God is doing in our lives. Thanks so much for your input!