Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Time Management Tips

People are most successful when they have a routine. Usually having a calendar within hands’ reach is a good way to have control over your time management.
Here are a few quick tips on time management. Please add to them if you have found successful ways to manage your time effectively.

• Set a schedule for yourself by using a daily calendar. This way you can keep track of everything.

• Consider using a Family Calendar to make it easy for the family to see what they have to do for the week and where everyone will be.

• Make double the amount of food for dinner and freeze half to use for another day when you don’t have the time to cook.

• Make Lists. Make a grocery list, a “to do” list for around the house, movie list and etc.. So when it comes time to run errands you can map out your plan of action to get all of your “to do’s” done quicker.

• Call ahead before running to a store if you are unsure if they carry the product you want. This also can apply to restaurants. Call ahead seating is offered at many places and can save you time in the waiting line.

• Ask for help. Learn to delegate to friends and family. It is important to ask your family to help pitch in when getting household chores done.

• Make life as easy as possible by keeping things simple. It is okay to say no to good things to allow your schedule some balance.

• Set realistic goals for each day and prioritize what is most important. Get what is most important done first.

• Start each day on the right foot by spending time with the Lord. If the morning is not your best time to sit down for devotions, then make sure you schedule it in your calendar for later in the day.

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  1. If there is a task you have been putting off, list it as you're #1 task. Do it first, then enjoy the rest of the day, not having to dread the task you've been avoiding doing.