Sunday, May 2, 2010


This past week a young 20 something's woman, working toward a Masters Degree, told me that her generation is very reluctant to make a commitment to anything or anyone.  To quote her, they don't want to feel "chained" or "tied down" to an event or a person; they want to keep all options open and have lots of freedom and flexibility.

I just wonder if others in that generation share that feeling, or perhaps it's not a generational thing, but a cultural thing - meaning that our culture has produced that kind of attitude in people of all ages.

Love to have comments from any of you!


  1. I don't necessarily feel that we are noncommittal even though I am sure it appears that way. Honestly I think that we are simply more committed to ourselves and our well being than to the well being of another. For generations both women and men have married early and have made huge sacrifices. Now I think we are putting OUR best interests first. We are starting to search for partners only after our personal goals have been met. The partner that we hope to fine has put as much time and effort into mastering their happiness as we have ours. Older generations still feel that someone else will complete them or make them happy. Newer generations understand that happiness comes from within and that no one or no thing externally can really provide happiness for you. BE Happy!

    Single and almost 40 - loving my Life!

  2. Yes. It's true. Twenty-somethings are probably the most non-committal people you will ever meet. I speak as a 22 year old guy who knows a lot of twenty-somethings. I think that perhaps its more a sign of age than of the times. To be fair, middle-schoolers tend to be socially awkward. Shall we say that their generation is socially awkward? No. It's just a phase. In the same way, I think I'm growing out of being non-committal. After all, twenty-somethings have to pick (read: commit to) a job otherwise they can't survive very long.