Monday, February 8, 2010

Sexual purity

On this week's programs--which you can listen to at I address the topic of sexual purity in our society today.  I wonder if others see the breakdown in standards that Christians hold about sexual purity.  And the consequences of abandoning God's principles are just staggering.  Sexual sin has a bondage that is greater than most other sins, because it violates God's design for sexual relationships.  I would be interested in your thoughts on this topic.  Am I exaggerating when I say that Christians have let down the bar for sexual purity which the Bible teaches?


  1. Mary,
    My name is Kris Parlee and I get to meet you in April. I cannot wait because I am a Christian working woman. I am on the Women's Ministry Team and I am going to be leading this conference in prayer. Is there anything specifically you would like me to pray about?

  2. I think Christians, as a whole, live in and of the world. They absorb what the culture at large is and think it is normal. Preachers are not preaching the hard stuff. We need to be constantly challenged to stay in the Word and out of the World. We need to look to the Holy Spirit for strength and not our own.

    Everyone is doing 'it,' whatever 'it' is, sex outside of marriage, dressing improperly, abortion. Why would anyone want to become a Christian when we are no different than anyone else?

    We need to be in the Word, always, and pray, pray, pray.

  3. Kris, good to hear from you. I look forward to being with you and the women of First Family. I always appreciate prayer that I will clearly be guided by God's Spirit as to the topics and content of my messages. I want to be a blessing to the women there.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Jean, you make some good points about the need for Christians to have strong principles and stand strong in this culture. It has always been true that we are "in this world but not of it," as Jesus said, and never has it been easy for Christians to stand strong. But amazingly, even as often as we fail, God prevails and his Word endures. Everything else may fail, but not the Word of God. It would be easy to be discouraged and dismayed by the state of things, but we still have every reason to celebrate and be joyful--because we have hope for eternal life with Jesus and nothing can destroy that hope. Our trademark first and foremost should be a joyful, contented and positive attitude. And, as you say, that can only come from a heart filled with the truth of God's Word.

    Thanks for your comments.


  5. Thanks Mary for having this discussion. I am going to turn 30 this summer and I'm still a virgin. The world looks at me as if something is wrong, so it is nice to get an encouraging word from you. I don't seem to get much support from the church in this area, but I can see why. There aren't too many like me (in and out of the church), so most don't know how to handle it. Usually, I get the same old speech that the youth get. I don't feel this is adaquate, because I'm in a different phase of life with diverse challenges. Thanks again!

  6. grlofgd, I'm so glad to hear that you are choosing the right path, even though it is not always easy and sometimes misunderstood. Believe me, you will never have to live with regrets, as so many do, if you continue to go God's way. It is sad that you don't sense support from your church. Certainly of all places, that is where you should feel encouragement.

    Jeremiah 6:16 says: This is what the Lord says, "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."

    The ancient paths are the good paths, so keep choosing those. You will so glad you did.

  7. Oh, what a topic! I totally agree that instead of staying separate from the world, Christians have run right into it. I receive the emails from American Decency and it is heartbreaking to see the horrid effects of sexual sins, and the high number of people "Christians" who just don't care or feel that such concern is nonsense. I have a friend with young children, and they have tried to step them "backwards", by encouraging modesty at a young age. I have started that myself my boy and two girls. It always makes me laugh but be so proud of my children when they tell someone they don't like Barbie or "Little Mermaid" because they show off their "business" (bare skin), and the girls really fuss about "Brat Girlz" and Hanna Montana. We are really trying to get back to what the Bible standard it - naked thighs are "naked", and being modest - for boys and girls. I have even studied more into 1 Corinthians 11 (womens' head coverings), and then researched Jewish culture and our own history. I found that women stopped wearing hats as the womens' lib culture took off....

    It is even a battle to protect my son from such things. Even "family" stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart have underwear videos, and the yearly Sports Illustrated porno "swimsuit" issue. As much as the world is calling women to "beautify their naked bodies" it is calling me to lust freely.

    I found a lot of encouragement from sites like and the link for "feeling femine" blog - a teen girl that is trying to retain modesty in an immodest world.

    I will do what I can to protect my home, but ultimately it is up to my children to make their own decisions.