Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogging? Who me?

I've heard so much about blogging, but never really thought it was for me!  After all, my plate is full!  But I've become convinced that blogging is for me because it is an effective way to stay in touch with others, especially the younger generations, So, I'm ready to jump in the deep end and learn how to swim!

With the help of some experts and technically-oriented people, I want to use this blogging technology to hear from others, to run new ideas by others, and to have an open line of communication with many people.  I will be sharing some thoughts from topics I've discussed on my radio program, and inviting others to give me their feedback.

I'm looking forward to learning how to do this, and using this additional tool as an extension of The Christian Working Woman ministry.


  1. Hi Mary! I listen to you every day from Wisconsin while making supper! I am a part time Christian working woman with 3 children.
    I've been blogging for 2 years and have finally found that is might just be my tool for witnessing without being preachy or whiny! I would love for you to drop by.
    Thanks for your daily encouragement and please continue blogging! :)

    Suzanne's Blog

  2. I have listened to TCCW for over 10 years, and just love it!!! The friendly sound of Mary's voice has taken me to school, to work, and now around the home. I have been encouraged my this ministry sooo much, and used it to encourage others. Thanks Mary for the great work, and praise be to our Lord for His leading!!